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[Iceland] Reykjadalur Hot Springs (How to Get There? | Hveragerði)

[Iceland] Reykjadalur Hot Springs (How to Get There? | Hveragerði)


Traveling to Iceland, hot springs are a must-do list. In addition to the well-known Blue Lagoon, there are many natural hot springs in Iceland, especially it is FREE OF CHARGE! Reykjadalur Thermal River is one of natural hot springs closed to the capital – Reykjavik. Lets show you how to get to Reykjadalur!



廣 告

Transport to Hveragerði

Before you getting to Reykjadalur Valley, you have to arrive Hveragerði. Other than travelling by car, there is a bus route (only TWO bus time slot each day)

Reference: https://www.straeto.is/en?plan=leid-5d87750b48c5f5.24447007

Reykjadalur 2019-10-20 at 2.26.53 PM

For those who take bus, I suggest to spend a night at Hveragerði, because the bus to the capital ends very early and may not be able to catch up. Hveragerði accommodation can also choose Airbnb, the cost is not too high.

Airbnb Coupon: https://www.airbnb.com.hk/c/fosteri7


How to Get: Reykjadalur Thermal River

The area of Reykjadalur and Hveragerði have a relatively developed hike trails, maybe because of some private tours to the Valley. The trail is quite obvious, you don’t worry about getting lost.


The starting point is at the carpark, and there are many signs at the beginning of the trail.



There are several geothermal hotspots on the hillside at the beginning parts of trails . There is more than 100 degrees of spring water, be cautious!


Along the trail, there are about one or two slopes and downhills . There are no rest pavilions or restrooms.


You may also see the classic Icelandic mountain landscape along the trails to Reykjadalur Hot Springs. Although there is no hot spots, there is a waterfall and valley without trees.


About 2 hours walk from the carpark, you will see a small valley with smoke, that is the location of the Reykjadalur Hot Springs!



Iceland Walking Tour:

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At the entrance of Reykjadalur Hot Springs, there are several large hot spots of 100 degrees or more emerging from the underground. It is not really so smelly, but the whole road is with white steam, which is very funny to travel through.


After passing through those hotspots, you will arrive the Reykjadalur Hot Springs! 


There are open dressing rooms for the travellers.


In Reykjadalur Hot Springs, the more the closer hotspots, the warmer the water be. Therefore, many tourists choose to enjoy the hot springs in the upper part of the thermal river.


Kindly remind that there is no camping, wild fire cooking and littering. 

廣 告



Basic Information: Reykjadalur Thermal River



Duration of the travel: Around 2 hours



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